" Adopting just one greyhound won't change the world, but the world will surely change for that one greyhound."
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"The Greatest Thing I've Ever Known... Someone Came and Took Me Home!"

It is our duty to ensure that you get a healthy, loving greyhound and that the greyhound gets a good home with people that will take care of him or her. We strive to match each of our wonderful animals with the wonderful family the dog is best suited for because we want everyone to be happy. To that end, we've created the following application.

Upon receipt of your application, a Greyhound Adoption of Ohio volunteer will contact you. Please do keep in mind that the people involved are volunteers that have jobs and lives away from the organization, so they might not be able to get back to you immediately; but they will contact you as soon as possible.

If you would prefer to fill out this form, print it out and send it in, please click HERE.

NOTE: If you are having problems when submitting this or other forms on our site, please be sure to temporarily disable any firewalls (such as Norton Internet Security or McAfee) that you may have running on your system. Usually, there is an icon in the notification area that you simply have to right click on and disable. Once you submit the form, right click again and enable.

If after submitting your application, you should be directed to a "thank you" page... if you are getting some type of error instead, chances are, it's your firewall that is keeping you from submitting the form!

ATTENTION!!! If you submit your application and don't hear from us within 48 hours, please contact Susan Anderson, Adoption Coordinator, susananderson526@hotmail.com or 216-256-7544. Please check your junk mail folder since the email we send has attachments and is from a hotmail account.

About You
  Please list the names of all the adults in the house
Name     Address  
City & State      Zip Code  
   Best time to call  
Cell Phone  
Email Address
Employer Info
Please list employer and job title for each adult in the house.
    Job Title  
Job Title
Other Info

How did you hear about us? If you saw us at a Meet & Greet, which one?
Have you applied to any other greyhound rescues? Which ones?

Why would you like to get a Greyhound?
Have you any preferences as to size, gender (males and females make equally good pets) or color?
What other pets do you have now? (Please list name, type, gender of each)
If any of your dogs aren't neutered, please list their names here
What pets have you had in the past?
What pets have you had in the past two years (if any) that you no longer have? What happened to them? (Please be specific)
Is there someone home during the day?
If "No", how long and during which hours would your pet be alone? (Please be specific)
Where do you live?

Does your landlord or condo association allow you to have pets?

How long have you been at this address?

How long would you allow for your greyhound to fully adjust to his/her new home?
Landlord's name/address/phone, if applicable  
What if you had to move to a place that did not allow pets?  

Do you have a fenced area where your greyhound can be safely let out without having to be led to it?


If yes, please describe size and type of fence

Do you agree to always keep your greyhound on a leash or within a fenced area?
  Where will your greyhound stay during the day?

Where will your greyhound sleep at night?

Are there stairs in your home?

    If yes, please describe them:


Are you willing to take your greyhound out at least four times a day to relieve himself? Do you agree to keep your greyhound exclusively as a house dog; to never use him for commercial racing or laboratory research, or anything other than a companion animal? Will you place identification on your dog immediately (must be a martingale collar) and keep it on at all times? Do you agree to notify Greyhound Adoption of Ohio if your greyhound should ever become lost?

Do you agree to notify Greyhound Adoption of Ohio if, for any reason, you cannot keep your greyhound; to never give it to a shelter, pound or other person without written permission from Greyhound Adoption of Ohio?

Do you agree to never use a tie out for your greyhound (3 strides and they reach 40 mph)?

About Your Veterinarian (or the last veterinarian used) Please give permission to your vet to release information for a vet check. We will conduct vet checks on all GAO families.
Name     Address  
City & State      Zip Code  

Please answer the following questions briefly:
What is heartworm and how can it be prevented?
How often should your dog have booster vaccinations?
How often should your dog be checked for internal parasites?

Please list the names and ages of everyone in your household, including yourself:

From time to time we rely on our families to assist in projects or activities. Do you have an occupation or skills that you may be able to volunteer should the group need assistance? (e.g. graphic designer, lawyer, printer, clerical or administrative skills, accounting, marketing or public relations, just the desire to help out the greyhounds)

If you're willing to help us please list your name and occupation/skill below:

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Sewing Cats and Dogs
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