" Adopting just one greyhound won't change the world, but the world will surely change for that one greyhound."
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In Memory Of...

'It came to me that every time I lose a dog they take a piece of my heart
with them. And every new dog who comes into my life gifts me with a piece of their heart. If I live long enough, all the components of my heart will be
dog, and I will become as generous and loving as they are.' (unknown)

If you would like your greyhound to be remembered here, please email a picture and write up to Susan Anderson.



Max (Iowa Rainey Day)
8/4/04 - 1/11/18

I adopted him at just past 10 years old, so he was always my old man. He came in having been alpha dog in his last home, and initially put Logan in his place. Then they switched roles as Max got older, but Max always knew how to game the system and stick up for himself when it mattered.
Max loved, loved, loved walks. I was so proud of him, he walked 2,655.60 miles in the just over three years, according to the Walk for a Dog app. Not bad for an old guy. And he never stopped: the night before he passed he went for 1.67 miles, and 1.29 miles that morning. I was always afraid he would end up too old for his favorite activity, but he never let that happen, and I am so happy we had a brief warmup in the weather so he was able to get out. We even got a weekend park walk last Sunday.
What else? Peanut butter! His favorite - he had to have a smear of it on a plate every night, except for special nights when he got to clean out a jar. If I made a PB&J sandwich he would be standing in the kitchen, drooling. Made pilling him easy - just add PB. And bones - he loved those filled femur bones from the pet store. Back yard patrols. That was Max’ job, and he took it seriously. Of course he would wait until I was in bed and then cry to go out. Then he would patrol the entire perimeter of the fence. He kept that up to the end as well, even going out in 5 deg F nights for his patrol. Ears - he had those great big bat-type ears, and held them straight up whenever he was looking at something interesting. He was a good dog…
Rob Sieg and Logan



Rosy (Lamorge Redfish)
2/12/07 - 11/6/17

Rosy (formerly known as Redfish) became a member of our family in June 2014.
She quickly caught on to the routine of our household and learned to navigate
the stairs and the kitchen floor and even how to sit. She soon figured out that
the rattle of the leash meant a walk, the opening of the dishwasher meant there were dishes
that needed to be licked, that sweet potato treats followed the weekly nail
clipping and tooth brushing, that Belle could be an annoying little "sister", and mom should
never be left alone. Even though the nightly announcement of "bedtime"
was always met with disappointment that the day was over (and sometimes
a bit of gryhound mischief) there was always the promise of doing it all again
tomorrow - until there wasn't. Rosy left us suddenly in the early morning November 6, 2017.
Rosy learned a lot in her short time with us and we learned about unconditional greyhound love.
Our hearts are broken - and mom is sometimes left dangerously unattended!

The Holcombs - Keith, Lynne, Dylan, Luke, Audrey, and Belle


Annie (Storybook Legend aka Bookie)
1/13/08 - 9/27/17

Our dearest Annie introduced us to the world of greyhounds 6 years ago and
for that we are forever grateful to her. She was a quiet grey whose favorite
activities were sleeping, resting, napping, and taking siestas. She was an amazing
big sister to her greyhound sister, Mia, and her 2 human brothers. We are
comforted by the fact that she is now free from pain and suffering after fearlessly
battling kidney and liver disease. We miss you and love you, baby girl. It was an
honor to have you as part of our family.

The Eatons
Mom, Dad, Ty, Benny, and Mia


Finnigan (JC's Powerful D aka Baby D)
10/09/2005 - 09/14/2017

It was August of 2010, we were helping with a load of new arrivals at
the kennel and GAO received more dogs than expected. We offered to take a foster
until crates were available. Little did we knolw that "Baby D" as he was known would walk
out of the kennel and into his forever home!

We named our second greyhound "Finnigan" after much debate. He was so affectionate and gentle
right from the start. Fun loving, goofy and playful, he was the perfect addition to our family.
He had a new greyhound buddy, Charlie, and non-greyhound friends, Scout and Abby to run and
play with too.

Our Finny boy got me through some of my darkest days when I battled breast cancer, providing comfort and his constant love. Loyal and living, it was difficult this past year ot see him slow down and have trouble
getting around only knowing our time with him would soon end.

You gave us your heart, our Finny boy, and now you can run free with your greyhound firneds Charlie and Carly, and your buddy Scout. We will forever love you and will miss you everyday, our sweet boy.

The D'Alessandro Family


Snickers (Freak N Cute)
June 2009 - October 2017

Our sweet, silly, CRAZY brood mom, with a heart on her back, became our 4th greyhound
in July 2015.

Not a day went by that we didn't laugh at you and your antics, Snicks! From your ever ready to race
stance at the door, to your body slamming anyone/anything in your way, when it involved
food, treats or being first in line for anything your heart desired.

We were not ready for you to leave us as suddenly as you did - don't think you were ready either.

We will remember and miss you eternally our DIVA!

Andrea, Marty & Mackenzie Jeric
Salem OH


July 2002 - August 2017

I remember when I met Skye, she was kind, energetic and happy.
She loved everyone she met on our walks thru Ohio City, and gave a gentle kindness
 to every dog, cat, and neighbor we saw along the way.
She jumped over couches, and ran through the cemetary at the end of  our street.
She woke up with us on Sunday mornings, lying on her back and ready to play...
            ...giving us kisses with her wet nose and reminding us of our need to make the most of each day.
Later on in life, Skye was Lisa's shadow......never leaving her side with her grey frost...
 watching as we left...and greeting us when we returned  in the front window of  our family home in North Olmsted. 
Skye's leaving is a hole in our hearts,
but she gave so much when she was here with us that we will always remember.
Lisa O'Donnell & Kevin


Jit Black Bear
9/1/07 - 7/21/17

He's gone. He valiantly fought osteosarcoma for 10 months, braved surgery
and chemo, and through it all remained his sweet and lovable self. Jit, we
will miss you forever. Have fun with Comet, Frankie and Moose.
Susan, Mike, Nuppie, Harrison, Chick and Bully (the other Bash Brother)


Pace (Ale Powerfulpace)
4/11/07 - 7/21/17

Our dear Pace, who was a greyt advocate at Meet and Greets, and our darling boy, walked over the Rainbow Bridge after being diagnosed with cancer. We're sure he is eating a big bowl of food and playing with his greyhound friends. We feel blessed to have been the guardians of such a sweet boy who was the calming force of our neighborhood dogs and a loving companion to all of his human friends. Dale, Linda, Brian.


Oliver (Coors for the Win)
October 17, 2006 - June 19, 2017

We will miss our handsome boy Oliver, who was a Christmas present six years ago.
(Herbie unloaded him from the truck, not knowing he would come home with us.)

Oliver brough much "comfort and joy" and became one of the family quickly. He loved
to sing (roo) and guard the house and ride in the car and swim and run and lie under
the oak tree watching the cars go by. Oliver made such a presence with his markings,
large size, and perfect conformation.

Basically a shy dog, he became a very polite dog. Over time, he acquired four girlfriends:
Patches, Mary, Becca, and now Junebug. He was a gentleman to all.

Thank you, Linda, for Oliver. As he approached his time to go, he showed an understanding,
love, and readiness that we hope we can also have at the end of our lives. He actually
rescued us!
Marilyn Evans, Daryl Humpal and Herb Balogh


Elf (Regall Triwizard)
8/3/04 - 5/23/17

Today I said goodbye to my beautiful friend and companion, Elf. Regall Triwizard ws born in Missouri and raced two times in Hollywood, Florida until I had the wonderful opportunity to adopt him in 2007. What a blessing he has been to me. Thank you Lord for giving me the opportunity to know and love this beautiful greyhound. LeeAnne (Martin) Heath
Proverbs 30:31 - the greyhound who is girded up of loins; a he goat also, and the king, against whom no one rises up.


Lilly Campbell

Lilly ( BB’s Aid fka Razzle)
6/28/03 to 3/6/17

Lilly gained her wings and has crossed the Rainbow Bridge to join Chance and the multitude of those who have proceeded her. Lilly rescued me eight years ago; it was love at first sight! She is now running free like the wind again. Run and play my love, your Mommy loves you forever and ever. One day we will all be together again. Donna Campbell

Sweet Lucy Walker

Lucy (Sweetlucy Walker)
1/19/02 - 3/19/17

We adopted Sweetlucy in 2008 when she was 6 years old and had spent several years racing and having pups. At the kennel, a bold and independent girl from the start, Lucy snatched a rawhide right out of our hands and immediately jumped in the car as if to say, "What are we waiting for? Let's go home!" Lucy was always the dominant dog in our house which she demonstrated by taking the best spot in any room or on any couch or bed, or alternatively, by standing over the other dogs while draping a paw across their faces! She was polite when people approached on walks, and allowed herself to be petted, but she definitely didn't crave attention. She was one aloof girl, and knew how to give a withering look. She stopped to sniff everything on walks, she loved to ride in the car, and would spend summer days on a warm dog bed under the patio umbrella. She preferred savory snacks to sweet, and would go without rather than accept a piece of banana, a blueberry or an apple slice. We let Lucy go today at 15 years and 2 months old when degenerative myelopathy finally made it too hard for her to get around. We miss her terribly but couldn't have wished for a more peaceful ending for her, at home with her family surrounding her. Thank you Sweetlucy, for the wonderful years we had with you. Brodie (greyhound), the Pug and the cats all miss you, too.
Scott and Tracy Weiss


Echo (Smokey Black)
3/23/03 - 1/29/17

We were lucky enough to meet Echo when he was 10 years old and in need of a new home. Echo was such a graceful, sweet and polite dog, and he moved in to our house like he'd always lived here. Learning the stairs at 10 was tough, bu he did it, though he never learned to like them. He was with us for less than four years, but we miss him as if we'd known him forever. He loved desserts, lying in the sun, wearing coats both in and out of the house, and he loved to let us know it was close to dinner time, even when dinner was several hours away. He would start whispering from where he was lying down, but in no time, he was standing, barking loudly several inches from your face! (Okay, so polite with one exception!) There is such a vacancy in our hearts and in our house. Thank you Echo, for the time we had with you. Sweet Lucy Walker, Brodie (greyhounds), the Pug and the cats all miss you, too.
Scott and Tracy Weiss


Matt (Run It Up Matt)
6/8/09 - 10/25/16

Matt passed away unexpectedly on Oct 25. He was an amazing, handsome boy who was loved by everyone who met him on his daily walks in the neighborhood or Metroparks. His daddy was sure to brag about Matt to every person who came along and there was never a shortage of wonderful things to say about Matt the greyhound breed of dog.
We are certainly sure he is over the rainbow bridge, laying in a lush grassy field just sniffing every scent the wind blows past him. He will enjoy barking and chasing deer adn squirrels who keep him quite busy just like they did in Bob's backyard. Lilly and Ivy will also deeply miss his company and play dates. Until we meet again, Mr. Matt, we all love and miss you.
Bob Sypek and Donna Campbell


Bentley (Petro McPrince)
April 19, 2008 - September 1, 2016

More like feeling my heart has been shattered. My beautiful boy Bentley passed away last night. Words can't even define or express the pain and loss that I feel. It feels like some cruel nightmare that I can't wake up from. Bentley was the sweetest most laid back dog that was loved everywhere he went, and every one would always comment and tell me how handsome and sweet he was. Bentley was my spec...ial boy he was always by my side no matter what even when I wasn't feeling well or was having a ruff time with my arthritis he was always there to make me feel better. I'm grateful for the time that we had together and proud to be his mom. I knew that day that I went to GAO it was him that choose me, of all the dogs a spent time with that day he was first one to come right up to me and look me right in the eyes as if to say mom let's go home. I will miss the bounce in step when he got his cookies, laying next to the stove while I cooked, always listening to my problems, the way he nudged my hand with his nose when he didn't want me to stop petting him,and rubbing his paws when we watched TV on the couch. Bentley I will never forget you and how special and much you ment to me. Mommy loves you very much and you and your beautiful spirit will never be replaced. You will always have a special place in my heart love and miss you always my beautiful boy. Danielle Gunn



Fin (aka Addy, Fin Addiction)
5/17/16 - 8/26/16

Some of our favorite memories of sweet, gentle, sensitive Fin:
How he somehow became the alpha dog, turning the tables on his brother, Bondo, and stealing sofa time; the ability to clearly distinguish the sound of a banana being gently separated from the bunch, despite high levels of ambient noise and long distances; escorting cars up the driveway with his brother, one greyhound on each side of the car; sleeping on the sofa, flat on his back, legs sticking straight up, feet in the air; slurpy kisses.

We were privileged to have him in our family for seven years. After weeks of limping and only a couple weeks after receiving a diagnosis of osteosarcoma, we decided to end his pain. His brother and human family miss him. Dave and Doreen Vieitez and Bondo



7/23/06 - 8/27/16

A sad today in our home as we said good bye to Scotch. He fought hard for a year against Hemangiosarcoma which is a rapidly growing, highly invasive variety of cancer, occurring almost exclusively in dogs. Scotch made us laugh everyday - many times! He will forever be in our hearts! John & Kelly Myers & Flora


Cecil (Jiminy Cecil)
5/18/07 - 08/22/16

One of the only true roman nosed greyhounds at GAO, Cecil was beloved by
Lori, Geno and Jet. After cyberknife treatment for his bone cancer, Cecil had 9
good months to spend with his family. He was truly, deeply loved.

Bonnie - Smart Alex

Bonnie (Smart Alex)
4/18/2012 - 03/29/2016

Bonnie had a fabulous racing career with 135 races.
She was sent to GAO for retirement on 3/12/16.
After a brief illness she ran to the Rainbow Bridge but
not before knowing that we all loved her very much.


Jack (Jack Attack)
September 27, 2007 - January 5, 2016

How lucky we were to know your joyful spirit and good cheer
for the last three years. Mary and Dave


"Percy" (Soldiers's Memory)
06/26/2003 - 12/30/2015

Percy was the most wonderful introduction to the world of greyhounds.
I adopted Percy during my first year of veterinary school.
He stayed with me through graduation, internship year
and new jobs, engagement, marriage, and the purchase of our first home.
He was always such a great companion and loved going everywhere with us- a walk by the DC monuments,
a hike in the park, a stroll on the beach, or a trip to the vet hospital for work!
We loved absolutely everything about our black and white boy.
We will never forget our best friend, King P.
Liza Nusinovich Fisher & Dan Fisher



Chatter (Gabe Chaturanga)
7/28/08 - 11/30/15

Chatter, also affectionately known as Room Service, because she saw no reason
to come and get a treat when she knew you'd eventually bring it to her so
she could enjoy it while resting on her bed. She would, however, quickly get up to greet
visitors as she was sure everyone came for the sole purpose of petting her.
When they stopped, she would gently paw at their feet to let them know she hadn't dismissed
them yet. Her endearing ways won our hearts. Dave & Annette Brobeck


WJS Romantica
08/22/03 - 11/24/15

Romantica left us and crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Our home seems so empty without our exuberant Romy to greet us, wake us, and love us. We will always love you, sweet girl. The Krafts.


Get Around Sue - (Suze)
10-10-2002 to 11-15-2015

Today our beloved Suze crossed the bridge. Suze turned 13 on October 10th and lived with us
for 5 1/2 years after retiring from racing and her momma duties. She was always first to let us know it was
dinner time and she loved the attention everyone lavished on her.
We adored her. Ours is a very sad house tonight. Don & Beth Cooper



Kona (Potrs Wake Up)
5/21/03 - 11/24/15

Kona died peacefully with his family right there talking to him and holding him.
Thank you for honoring us with his love over the past 9 years. Adrienne and Kevin Dickson


Popper (Popping Crease) 
May 23, 2006 - Oct. 21, 2015 

Popper didn’t know a stranger. He loved meeting new people and had lots of two- and four-legged friends in the neighborhood (including some other greyhounds). After he was adopted from GAO in 2009, he went to work as a greyhound ambassador and attended many meet-and-greet events. He also served as a big brother to two foster greys. Eating treats was one of Popper’s favorite pastimes, and he enjoyed the occasional doggieice cream, ice cube, marrow bone, steak, hot dog, chicken breast, carrot, apple ring, banana, blueberry, watermelon, pizza crust, pumpkin, yogurt, peanut butter…you get the idea. He sometimes ate better than his humans! Popper loved car rides, playing in the snow (and eating it), running at the dog park, and going for walks. He would stop and sniff everywhere! Only when bone cancer developed in his front leg did the walks turn in to “let’s go lay in the grass” outings instead. Cancer took him quickly…he was with us less than two months after he started limping. He crossed the Rainbow Bridge at home, lying in the backyard with his humans while he enjoyed the sunny fall day. We are better people for having known Popper. His unconditional love and companionship are greatly missed. Until we meet again, sweet boy… 

-Art, Karen & Ethan Axelrad


BECCA (Rooftop Rebecca)
March 11, 2006 – November 16,2015

Becca was a Greathound that truly loved to run.  In Beccas 7 years with us she had a very rewarding life.  She had canine compaions to keep her company at home.  She participated in straight line racing at greyhound fun days & LARK.  She participated in LARK lure coursing.  And most recently she Visited the elderly in nursing homes.  Becca was released from her suffering after being diagnosed with Osteosarcoma (bone cancer) which had metastasized to the lungs.  Mary Walter.



Tommy (Risky Loan Fox)
5/17/07 - 9/21/2015

I wanted to let you know that Tommy was diagnosed with cancer
a couple weeks ago and we had to make the difficult decision to let him go
peacefully yesterday morning. He was such a wonderful dog and is definitely
the reason I have so much love for greyhounds now.
6 years with him was not nearly enough and our hearts are aching.. He is missed terribly.
Thank you for allowing him to be a part of our lives and for all that you do for these wonderful dogs.
Elise and Eric Roque

Southern Peach

Southern Peach
April 9, 2003 - August 2015

We had Peaches for almost four years. She was the smartest dog!
She knew exactly what we were saying, practically human.
She went on many RV trips, walked on beaches and had a great
four years with us. We miss her so much. Bob & Jan Durica


Mary (TZ Paper Lace)
4/22/2004 - 07/20/2015

It is so hard to say goodbye to a great dog. Having our sweet
little Mary from Iowa for only nine months (though it seemed like minutes), we lost her to bone cancer.

She loved her home and was happy lying on the couch watching Wheel
of Fortune and Jeopardy. She was a big help in the kitchen, loved sitting outside with her nephew, Oliver (Coors for the Win), loved
swimming in her pool, and loved showing off her many coats.

Mary was a very special girl, and everyone that met her just seemed to sense it in her. People smiled when they said her name. Mary loved everyone, especially the patients at the nursing homes. She loved life and it was very hard to let her go. She was a gift from above, and in spite of us being ourselves, Mary loved us anyway.

Mary walked home with a broken leg to be at home at the end.
There's the song, "Down the lane walks Mary; Hair of Gold and lays in the green, green grass of home."

May we all meet again...Marilyn Evans, Daryl Humpal, Herb Balogh
and Oliver.


Billy (Cruise So Sad)
03/17/03 - 07/07/15

Billy finally succumbed to old age but he fought the good fight as long as he could. He was a quiet, majestic sould who made new friends on every walk. The kids in the neighborhood rushed to greet him whenever we were out and, of course, he loved every minute of it. He brough much peace to our lives and he is sorely missed.
Alan & Donna Lauer


Zoom (Go Bon LaZoom)
7/19/04 - 05/29/15

Our beloved Zoom passed away on May 29. We will never forget his beautiful smile and his "monkey" looks! We are sure he's running free with all of his friends and eating lots of treats! We will always love you Zoomer!
Cullen and Kristina Triner


Soaring Sarah
11/11/07 - 7/8/15

Sarah was quite a character. We're positive she could tell time because she knew exactly when meals and snacks with pills stuffed inside were scheduled. If they weren't delivered when expected, she was sure to tell you by standing there staring until you got with the program. She excitedly greeted us with her helicopter tail and a paw hug every morning; she raced to the door when we arrived home and met us with much enthusiasm even if we'd only been gone a short time. Sarah's expressive and loving personality will be greatly missed.
Annette and Dave Brobeck



Prince (Prince Eugon)
5/3/2002 – 6/20/2015

Prince travelled across the ocean from Guam and waited 13 months at GAO for a family of his own.  I am so grateful and thankful that he waited for my family.  He came home on 5/16/2010.  He was strong, but vulnerable; majestic, but fearful.  Prince was a momma’s boy - a beautiful, gentle boy with a beautiful heart who was kind to his canine family and all humans he met.  I hoped for a miracle so that he could have more than five years with his family.  He deserved that and more, but the miracle was not to be found.  He received his angel wings in my arms on June 20th at his home – the only place he liked to be. 
My dear, sweet Prince – your heart touched mine in a special bond that will travel through time always united, always together.  Thank you for gracing my life with your kind and loving soul. 
I will forever miss and love you. Linda Tesar



December 2, 2003 - June 14, 2015

Hi Linda--it is with sadness that I am writing this to let you know that our Mazie left this world on Sunday the 14th after battling renal failure and crippling arthritis.  We take comfort in the fact that she will now be able to play again, pain free, with her sister Evelyn and meet the brother who preceeded her, JAMS Broadway, AKA, Odie at the Rainbow Bridge.  We still have our beloved Jesse who just turned 10 who has been missing his sister and have just left a message for Susan to let her know that we are looking for another member to add to our family, especially for Jesse, who has never been an "only dog!"  We have been adopting from you for over 10 years and are so thankful to have had each experience with each greyhound we have owned, as they have all been filled with laughter and unconditional love.  Even with the heartache, especially at the end, I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. Sincerely, Erin Saunders


Caesar (MB Cedar Key)
3/25/08 - 04/22/15

Caesar was a pistol. His personality was energetic, hilarious, and a little bit bossy. He was the king of the house and he knew it! He was our big, tough man--even though the smallest mouse could scare him. We liked to joke that his first love was food and that we came in a close second. He would greet us with kisses every time we saw him and he never passed up the chance to munch on a good ice cube. Caesar stole our hearts the moment we found him. He brought our family together unlike anything else could and taught us what it's like to love something more than we love ourselves. His best friend, Rankin, was there with him every step of the way and misses him every day. Your family loves you, Big Boy. And you will never be forgotten. Love, Your Family (The Riddle's)



Blondie (Shata Blondie)
2/17/2004 - 05/29/2015

If you were to look up the word "sweetheart" in the dictionary, you would find a picture of Blondie. She was the most loving and easy going greyhound we have ever met. Everybody loved her and everybody wanted to be with her, humans, dogs and cats. She loved her daily walks more than anything with sleeping on the couch being a close second. We were very fortunate to enjoy 10 wonderful years with her. We will miss you dearly, my little darling. Ulrike, Greg, and Dan Gantz

(littermate to Boulder below)

Bo Jeric

Shata Boulder (Bo)
February 17, 2004 – May 2015

Our beautifully handsome fawn boy made us his fur-ever family at the age of 8-1/2. He was our 1st Greyhound. Such a gentle soul we have never met and probably never will again. While his Greyhound sibs Phoebe (RIP) and Lyla were couch and bed hoppers, Boulder never even looked longingly to become part of it…he was just such a reserved “old man”. He had his playful and silly moments but mostly was just a MaMa’s boy. Morning and evening walks with me were his favorite.
Boulder, you left us very suddenly and at way too young an age, but we will hold you in our hearts and minds forever and a day. Run happily and without pain and suffering with Phoebe and all the Greyhounds that went before you. Until we meet again sweet boy – LOVE YOU TO THE MOON AND BACK MY HEART DOG!!!
Andrea Jeric
 Marty & Mackenzie Jeric


Feather (Outshineeveryone)
6/24/2006 - 5/5/2015

Feather was the most wonderful, sweetest brood mom and greyhound.
Favorite of Diane Douglas (racing owner) and beloved by the Peterson
family. She will be deeply missed by those who loved her.


Maggie Drive

I believe in life that we have more than one soulmate, hearts that are bound together with love for a lifetime. As we go through life they fill our days with laughter, love, understanding and compassion.
Some are gone way too soon, they leave a void in our lives undescribable, this is how I feel today, broken hearted, an empty soul, for today I had to say goodbye hoping one day too see you again. You were a true friend, a loving companion my soulmate. My life will be forever changed because of  you and my heart forever broken now that you're gone.
Mike & Janet Boleyn


Lena (Martina aka Star N the Makin)
8/10/2007 - 12/2014

Lena was the sweetest of dogs, long suffering of Lulu and Jack's insisting on laying in bed with her. She loved racing around the yard more than anything. Taken from us by Osteo at 7. We miss her gentle spirit everyday but know she is out of pain. Beth & Ernie Murphy


Henry (Kelsos Sentry)
4/3/03 - 4/13/2015

He was such a good boy.
Degenerative disc disease crippled his back legs in the end.
He was a gentle soul to all except the squirrels in the yard. His favorite pastime was tossing stuffed toys in the air and catching them.
Beth & Ernie Murphy


Gracie (Ranco Shelby)
10/25/01 – 3/5/15

Gracie introduced us to the world of greyhounds and filled our lives with all things greyhound.  We thank her for this opportunity and have lost a piece of our hearts with her passing.  She was the Queen of our house and patiently tolerated others in her kingdom including several other dogs and cats and subservient humans.   We enjoyed watching her roach, romp in the snow, hoard her stuffies and assert her royalty in our home.  She was a wonderful traveler and was always given the seat of honor on our trips.  She was Mike’s shadow and the only one brave enough to go downstairs.  She was a sweetheart and gave her love and kisses unconditionally.  It was an honor to give her all we could and we wish we could have done more.  She bravely fought osteo for 3 ½ months and gave us time to continue to spoil her and love her.  There is an empty space in our home and heart, but her legacy lives on.  We have been initiated into the greyhound family and will forever be grateful for this opportunity.  Run free and without pain Gracie, you deserve that and so much more. Debbie & Mike Szalkowski



Pennyanna (RSW Penny)
February 24, 2001 - March 2015

My beautiful, stately, lady companion of almost 10 years, Pennyanna has left the planet to go wherever loving, caring, Greyhounds go. The warmth and endless pleasure she gave me and all those who came to know and love her will stay here forever.
            Skip Limbach


Devie’s Cn Tower (Lara – Phoebe)
April 2005 – January 2015

Phoebe came to us as a foster in July 2012 and never left. She shared our home and love with our two other Greyhounds Shata Boulder and Lyla Le Bones. Phoebe was the livliest and silliest of our three, and while she never did or learned a trick, she always got a treat “just because she was Phoebe” – we could never resist her beautiful eyes when she’d look at us asking for something. When we walked in the neighborhood everyone gravitated to Phoebs and commented on her stunning brindle markings. We always took her to Greyhound events and meet-n-greets beause she was so even tempered, patient and oh soooo sweet.
November 2014 our precious girl was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma. Sadly she crossed the Rainbow Bridge January 7th 2015. As sad as it is that she is gone, we know she romps free of pain with all the Greyhound friends and relatives that went before her. We also realized since her passing that she must have been our NOISY Greyhound as our home is very quiet and somber, yet her memory will live on with us eternally. We were honored to be her family for the 2-1/2 short years we had her.
The Jeric Family, Salem, OH

Dan Peters

Dan (Coach Irv)
June 18, 2001 - February 13, 2015

I would like to let you all know that Dan was euthanized this evening- he was surrounded by family who loved him very very much.  He was tired and his body was worn out.  He gave 100% every day of his life.  This was by far one of the most difficult things I've ever had to do and it has been difficult for me to even comprehend.  I love all my dogs, but Dan was a very special soul.  He is in Heaven, pain free and with a brand new body.  We will see each other again. Michele Peters.


Jag (Jag Saw)
December 23, 2002 - December 15, 2014

My sweet boy Jag is now running pain-free at the Rainbow Bridge after losing him to a 6 month battle with cancer.  He was 11 years old.  He was such a fighter and showed his gentle and loving soul each and every day!  Also never wanted to go a day without his walk even if he couldn't go very far.  I lost his littermate Donny to cancer also 8 months ago and my heart and my house aren't the same without my boys here.....

At least I know Jag and his brother are now together and HAPPY once again and are waiting until we can all be reunited at the bridge.  There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about him or that my heart aches.....He will be greatly missed by his 2 sisters ShyAnn and Marlee too, and he will be in all of our hearts and our memories forever!  I love you my "Jag-a-boo honey!"  You will be in my heart and in my soul ALWAYS!!

Kim Strazar, ShyAnn, and Marlee



Harley (TF Harley)
6/30/03 - 12/31/14

I first of all want to thank you for introducing us to Harley our beaitiful Greyhound. We got her in May 2008 and she changed our life forever. She was perfect. She was so loving, very sweet (not a bad bone in her body) so willing to please and everybody loved her! We lost her December 31st. A special dog will come into your life once in a lifetime and that was Harley. She was so good and I know she is in heaven and now can run her heart out as she loved to run! She's now free and hope I Will see her again. I miss her sooo much!!! My heart just aches for her.
LOVE YOU HARLEY!!!! The Peterkas.


Apollo (Summer Shade)
May 31, 2009 - December 14, 2014

A year after Apollo’s spinal cord injury, we now say good bye.  We will miss him dearly.  He was the sweetest, most loving boy and we will all miss him dearly.  The house is not the same without his loving eyes and warm kisses.  Cosmo and Pippie miss him, also.  Although he started out as Michelle’s Christmas gift, he quickly attached himself to Bob like glue.  Wherever Bob was, Apollo wanted to be.  He must remember Bob secretly picking him up from GAO to surprise him and Michelle with his new home.  We feel blessed to have had Apollo in our lives for the past 2 years.  We love you, Polly Cracker! The Pavlik Family.

Jax (Dalton)

Jax (KK's Tower Heist aka Dalton)
3/14/2010 - 11/17/2014

Sadly Jax ran to the rainbow bridge after complications from a serious injury he sustained while chasing a bunny.
He will be greytly missed by his family and greyhounds Nellie (Clever Carol aka Jewel) and Thurlow.
" He was only with us a short time but we miss as though we had him his whole life and more."
The Marinella Family


Geeza (Cragie Mo Geeza)

Geeza came to us as a foster in 2006, little did we know he would change our lives forever.  Not only was he was he a great pet he became a huge part of our family.  Anybody that had the privilege to know him knew what kind of wonderful dog he was, those that didn't know him missed out a lot.  He will always be missed and in our hearts.

The Boleyn Family


Ricky Farkas

Ricky (Cmon Motormouth)
10/18/01 - 11/14/14

Beloved Greyhound Ricky Crossed the Rainbow Bridge yesterday

I know he wanted to thank all whose paths he crossed and love he shared over the years

..To the neighbors and their children for the attention and hugs that were given as they all of grew up together
..To Ricky's many "girlfriends" he had, Judy,Jeannine,Brenda,Sandy and Sharon, Rick sends his "special smile".
..To the Volks, who first visited us at a meet and greet getting information on adopting Greyhounds.
After Ricky peed on Jerry, the deal was sealed along with the (5) Greyhounds they have had over those years since that meeting.
..To John Benson, Ricks "Godfather" and lawyer, representing Ricky in the bad behavior days
..To Dr. Adams,Dr.Wehring,Connie,Linda and all the staff at VCA Vet Clinic for their care from his Bee sting to his last moments in our lives.
..To the Docs(Guillermo Couto,Jason Callard,Christine Kellogg, Francisco Clemente,Chery London,Megan Brown) and Staff at Ohio State Vet Clinic for taking such great care of Ricky and curing his cancer
..To Jim and Judy Crytzer,Waggin Tails (Barb and Jerry),John Benson,Liz (Ley) Creedon,Diane and Richard for the care and watching over him when we were gone.

Lastly, Thanks to Greyhound Adoption of Ohio for giving us the opportunity to meet Ricky (Kennel name Tormo /race name Cmon Motormouth) and making it possible to bring him home and grace our family for 11 of his 13 years.

Mr Greyhound, If you had a chance to be a human,would you?
"For a day or two I might try it. I mean, they have the life don't they? Wow. Peeing in doors, eating whatever they want..I'd love to try chocolate sometime. Driving the car, running around in the street, going into whatever building they want, scratching their own itches, carrying stuff around without having to taste it..it'd be fun for awhile, but I think I'd miss being a dog, especially a Greyhound. I'm just good at it."

Cathe, Dennis, Lucy and Eddie



Kelso's Tormentor
5/16/02 - 10/13/14

Kelso came to us in April of 2008 very shy of men and anyone he didn't know... He blossomed into the sweetest, most loving dog that drew so many people to him. Everyone that knew him loved him and he loved "his people." He was so exuberant when we came home or he thought we were going for a walk, his favorite thing to do. We always referred to him as "the good dog" because he just never did anything wrong and ALWAYS came when called. The house is definitely not the same without him here. We miss him terribly. Bob & Suzi Coleman


Fuego (Rio de Fuego)
6/16/2002 - 9/24/2014

We adopted  him from you in Oct. 2006, he was 4 had just finished his racing career. His name when we got him from you was Fuego. He was our first greyhound. No one could have asked for a better companion. He was so outgoing and loving. 

Thank you for allowing us to make him a part of our family. Lori McGregor & family


Eric (Gaston)

Eric formerly Gaston (Trip My Switch)

Sweet Eric collapsed suddenly at the park this week and died. For Eric, every day was the Best Day Ever. He was a morning person, night owl, and everything in between. He woke up on the right side of the bed every day for seven and a half years. He was a belly rub solicitor, seat stealer, snuggler, smiler, hoarder, flirt, racer, hunter, brother, son, friend and master comedian. He was uniquely Eric. Every day he found a new way to make me laugh. Four years with him was not enough, though anything short of a lifetime would have been too little. His death serves as a reminder of how lucky I am to live in a world with dogs. I was very, very lucky to have had him in my life. Beth Cunningham


Kyle Roque

Kyle (Backwoods Kyle)
6/28/2008 - 7/9/2014

I wanted to thank you for allowing us to have Kyle,
he brought a lot of joy and laughter in our home the past two years.
He was quite the "clown" as we called him.
Tommy is grieving, but I believe he will be ok after some time.

Thank you again for Kyle and all that you do for these wonderful dogs,
Elise and Eric Roque


Chasmo’s Freddi  AKA Freddie Mae 
October 17, 2002 – July 17, 2014

We had to help our girl Freddie Mae cross the bridge after a brief illness.  While our time with “Fred” was short, she enriched our lives beyond belief.  This was our first experience with greyhounds, and we couldn’t have asked for a better family member.  Freddie came as a package with Rosie (“Roadie”JNB Roadrage) from GAO just a few years ago as seniors from the breeding farm.  Both girls immediately settled in and acted as though they had been in a forever home before, only using crates for a couple of weeks before having the run of the house.  Freddie was from Wheeling Downs, and was rated a class “AA” racer after 99 events, then went to the breeding farm where she had 13 puppies.  Freddie’s prey drive was strong to say the least, although she did pretty well on her cat test at GAO!  Freddie was a relentless hunter in the yard, bringing home bunnies, birds, moles, voles, and even a possum for us to share…..Yuck.   Linda even sent jingle bell collars to give the bunnies a heads up!  But Freddie’s sweetness with people is what everybody would notice.  As with most greyhounds she loved human attention, and when we started a monthly Meet & Greet at the Avon Petco, she immediately became an ambassador for greyhound adoption.  We ended up doing events all over the area, and she would tolerate all of the crazy things we made her wear.  It was not uncommon for her to have on bunny ears, hats, or antlers for three hours straight!

Freddie Mae was one of a kind, a special dog that was loved by all.  We called her the “Swedish Pony”, a play on words for the sweetest pony.  Although her passing was unexpected, it was quick, and she didn’t have to suffer with a long illness; for that we are thankful….. Godspeed little girl; run free.  If there is a Heaven, we will meet again.  With heavy hearts we say goodbye.   Roy, Pam, & Rosie Oehme


D’s Firefly  aka “Patches”  August 18,1998 - July 15, 2014

   Our dear Patches  (the Kansas cutie)  arrived Feb. 2007  and crossed the Rainbow Bridge  July  15,2014.   We called her  Mother Greyhound  because she had 29 puppies.  When she was at GAO, Linda would say “ Herbie  would you please walk Patches?”   and Patches would walk so nicely  but sniff everything!  In 17 inches of snow, her head  went down and she came up  with  a ripe strawberry.  She loved everyone she met.  She had  no fear of anything.  When she got old and frail, her strong heart  and her strong spirit  carried her through.
    The only time Patches barked was to initiate play.  She was into  interior decorating with pillows,  rugs,  couch covers topping it all with newspapers.  She had the prettiest eyes, a  dalmation marked ear, and a patch over her  left  eye like  Pete in “the little Rascals”.  She should have been a model!
     Patches always greeted us at the door.  She cried when her beloved Matt  died, but welcomed her nephew Oliver [Coors for the  Win]  with wagging tail and a smile.   We gave her our  hearts when she came.  She took  our  hearts  when she left.   Run free  Sweetheart.   May we all meet again….Marilyn Evans, Daryl Humpal, Herb Balogh  and Oliver


Audrey (WJS Icebluedeb)
May 1, 2006 - June 3, 2014

Audrey(greyhound) and Sophie came to GAO after their owner, Faye Quinn, passed away in early 2014. The Gardner family was generous to adopt them both and give them a wonderful home. Sadly Audrey became ill suddenly and they allowed her to run to the rainbow bridge to be with her first mom. Sophie misses her "sister" and we will all remember and love Audrey for the beautiful, quiet girl she was.


Nash (Sweet Zero)
May 11, 2002 - June 4, 2014

Nash was loved for 9 wonderful years by Tom & Brenda Dudley.
He will be greytly missed.


Done Deal (Donny)
December 23, 2002 - April 30, 2014

I had to send my wonderful boy Donny to the Rainbow Bridge due to cancer in his pelvic area.  I miss him so much every day!  I adopted him and his littermate Jag together and they were my first Greyhounds I owned!  He was always such a gentle and loving boy with a kind soul.  He LOVED going to adoption events with me and "worked the crowd" wherever we went!  He will be truly missed by me and his Greyhound brother and sister, Jag and ShyAnn.  And also his Jack Russell sister Marlee!  RIP my sweet Donny!  I know you are running happy and pain-free up there and will be waiting until we can be together once again.....I will love you now and FOREVER and you will be alive in my heart ALWAYS!
Kim Strazar, Jag, ShyAnn, and Marlee



Molly (formerly Mini)
6/13/2008 - 3/29/2014

We lost our beautiful Molly. She was only 5 years old but she became gravely ill.
She was such a sweetheart. We will truly miss her.
Brian, Sherry, Riley (Molly's brother) and Chance.


Pepper (Locall Pepperjax)
5.1.2005 - 2.20.2014

Pepper is my heart hound.  I dearly miss seeing his chocolate, caramel strips as we go for a walk or having him roached on the couch beside me or even when he would run in his sleep at night and kick me.  Five years together was not nearly enough.  When we first visited the kennel, I really was unsure he would be a good fit.  I remember him bounding out of the crate and thinking "That's far too energetic for my house".  As it turned out, if there was a gold medal for couch potatoes he would have owned it, hands down.  I would come home from work midday and he couldn't be bothered to get up and greet me; sometimes he didn't even wake. 

I still remember waking on Christmas morning to find him standing beside my bed with a giant brown and teal bow on his neck.  The wonderful people at GAO conspired with my mother to bring him there.  He came with a hedgehog stuffie Valerie was kind enough to let him keep while he stayed overnight with her.  Pepper rarely played with toys aside from his hedgies.  I bought three more over the years since he loved them so much.  I have many wonderful memories of being with him, including his penchant for stealing any bread product in a two mile radius or his refusal to leave the car until he had a ride of sufficient length. 

The night before he passed I stayed on the couch and held his head in my lap.  He nuzzled against me and gave a sigh of contentment when I scratched that sweet spot behind his ears.  Kidney failure and the ruptured disk took him too quickly.  I will miss you always, my sweetheart.  I know you are running free now without pain. Maren Jones



Cara (Lady Fortune)
9/15/07 - 3/9/14

Cara came into our hearts on July 24th 2011.  There were so many beautiful greyhounds there but she just stole our hearts.
She was called Tune at the kennel and Lady Fortune at the track.  She was a wonderful fortune to us! She was a funny girl and so much a delight to us and everyone she came in contact with. When the neighbors came out, she ran to the fence for an over the fence conversation.  She never barked but talked as only she could talk.  They of course agreed with everything she said.  She learned many obedience skills in the large fields nearby. She responded to commands so well.  However, we learned quickly that she only responded when she was at the field! She was a busy girl and was finally learning to play.  On Thursday she was running around the yard and sunning herself on the deck. On Friday she got very ill and on Saturday the vet found a large mass surrounding her liver, pancreas and other organs. On Sunday she was so ill that we sent her to Rainbow Bridge to join the other 3 greyhounds that had lived here. She was such a blessing to us if only for a few years. She is missed so much.

Mary Hallewell and Valerie Wilson


Peachy (Silver Peach)
March 16, 2007 - February 6, 2014

Peachy was a shy girl who was loved very much by Kathy & Randy Fergus.


Holley (Hawley)
April 3, 2008 - January 12, 2014

Holley had the priviledge of being loved by two men. First, Fred Sponholz who taught her how to be retired. After Fred couldn't care for her, Doug Jedlicka stepped in and gave her a wonderful home with lots of love. She will be deeply missed and will be remembered for her love of life.


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